Take yourself less seriously.

Sometimes, we feel as if we are Atlas, having the entire burdens of the universe laid upon our shoulders.

We think that the world will end if we fail to keep up and finish the task at hands, or that we are too important to be “wasting time” doing “unproductive things” like having fun.

But really, we are not that important. After all, we only have about 100 years on Earth and a lotof what we do, or rather the most of what we do during that perioud of time will be forgotten a few hundred years after our deaths, if that.

While this teaches us to make the most out of these 100 years by living the life that we design for ourselves, it also teaches us to stop taking ourselves way too seriously.

Sometimes, the roles we have, the troubles we go through, and the goals we set out for ourselves make us be either too self-important or other times overwhelemed.

Whenever this happens, just remind yourself that it doesn’t matter too much after all. (Don’t confuse this with a typical nihilism. There should be another time to discuss how to provide meanings and values to our otherwise short and meaningless lives on Earth.)

Lift those weights off of your shoulders. Take yourself less seriously.

Smile more and have fun with your favorite people. Keep these people closer to you and make sure you spend enough time cracking silly jokes and doing stupid things with them.

Those memories will last, not your hours of work to getting stressed to finish whatever that is in your hands currently.

Remember that life is whatever you make out of it, and it is too precious and short to be wasted away being all serious and overwhelemd.

You deserve the sweetness and fun life provides to those that seek for them.

Written on September 25, 2019