Resonating Frequency

I love talking with people who I resonate with.

Similar interests, similar goals, and similar attitudes towards life.

Whenever it happens, I don’t even realize how fast time passes.

In the past, whenever the conversation wasn’t as resonating and sometime even unpleasant, I thought to myself ‘Eh, let’s not sweat it. You can’t get along with everybody.’

Don’t get me wrong. This is still a very valid statement.

People often are too nice to blame themselves for an unpleasant interaction with another person, not thinking the possibilities ranging from the person simply having a bad day to being an actual asshole. In these cases, you are not at fault. You should move on and find other people you resonate with better and who would treat you better.

I’m not talking about these cases.

After having a particuarly exciting conversation with a friend that I deeply resonate with, I wondered how amazing it would be if we could have these kinds of conversations all the time.

And I believe a lot of people, most people are thinking the same thing.

One day I flip-opened a fortune cookie and it said “If you want a friend, be one first.”

I believe this applies to many things in life. Many things that we want in our lives, we can strive to make them happen rather than waiting for them blindly, and many people that we all wish we had in our lives, we can strive to be those people to others first.

Once again, make sure you filter out the assholes and some folks who’ve clearly come from different planets than ours.

But after that filtering, make conscious efforts to listen more attentively, find common grounds, and resonate with the person first.

Be curious about the person, and get excited to find out more gems and stories from them.

I can’t imagine how more pleasant and fun the world will be if everyone does this even just a little bit in each of their lives.

But, we have to start ourselves first before waiting for this to ever happen.

Remember that the easiest and the surest person you can and must change is yourself. We can always start there first.

Written on September 6, 2019