Periodic Reminders

Periodic reminder to self to stop comparing yourself with others.

You have your own journey and you set your own pace.

Know that unlike sports, most aspects of life is not a zero-sum game. (This even applies to business in a lot of cases. Most would argue businesses should always strive to beat their competitions, which is true, but there are a lot of times when you can create a bigger value by coexisting and working together with your competitors).

Also a reminder to self that in order to do this, to stay in healthier perspective, constantly pause, reflect, and reset yourself.

Check back in with yourself, go back to your mission and values, and ask honestly whether you have strayed away from them.

If you have, kindly set yourself back on track.

It’s okay to come back to the same lessons over and over. It’s a sign that the lesson is that much important and that it is a never-ending journey.

Written on November 19, 2019