Listen to yourself

Instead of blindly chasing what others are doing that seem “cool” and feeling anxious to never miss out on anything, take the time to be alone.

Listen to yourself.

Kindly ask “Hey, what would you like?” “No, but really. What would you like?”

Repeat until you are honest with yourself. Listen until the voice is more powerful than when it was ignored or suppresed.

Your body and soul will tell you so many things that you wouldn’t have expected to hear.

That way you can create spaces for you to explore, develop unique tastes, and run into pleasant surprises to truly expand your horizon.

That way those explorations and surprises will be more aligned with your values and what you really want, rather than those of others.

That way you will be able to last. You will be able to play the long game and finish the marathon.

Maybe that way, you will learn how to truly love and respect yourself. Maybe that way, you will find your own happiness.

Of course, do this only when you really want this for yourself :).

Written on September 7, 2019