Let one thing go to gain another

You cannot hold onto everything. That would be nice, but you can’t. And in fact, even if you can hold onto everything you want, it will be less meaningful as you lift the constraints that life put on us. Constraints make us choose things we want to hold onto more wisely and carefully.

As you might have guessed, this doesn’t only apply to material things.

In order to find meaningful relationships and love in your life, you ought to be willing to get hurt. You’ve got to let that part of you who shells and protects you from other people, and be willing to be vulnerable.

In order to pursue a path less-traveled and give that pursuit all you’ve got, you may have to let go of the prestige and the comfort of your current job that the outside world may consider “the sure path to success.”

In order to live a life that makes you truly happy, you have to let go of your tendency to overly pay attention to and appease others at all costs.

Funnily enough, knowing and practicing this by principle, however hard that is, gives us comforts and ease-of-mind in making tougher decisions in life.

Now that you understand every decision is a trade-off and that you have to make this decision to go after the things that you really want in life, it becomes a bit easier (still very hard) in our minds to accept the trade-off and commit to the decision we’ve been pushing off forever.

Always remember that you have to let one thing go to gain another.

Written on September 17, 2019