Learn how to manage your psychology.

Learning how to cope with your own psychological struggles is such an important skill.

Find what works for you as everyone is different.

For me, some of the things that have been effective are: 1) Get off all devices. 2) Relax and force myself not to work or think about work. 3) Go outside, and a huge bonus if it’s in nature. 4) Listen to or play music. 5) Read what I’ve been putting off. 6) Treat myself with great food, solitude, and other things that I enjoy like sports. 7) Interact with cute creatures, especially babies. 8) Hang out and talk to people that I care about. 9) Write down everything. Chances are I’m stressed because of something that is ruminating inside my head. I need to let it all out. 10) Accepting the fact that it won’t be rosey all the time, and being okay with feeling down at times. And patting myself on the back for staying in the game.

Written on September 19, 2019