Just get started.

Scratch it. Scratch everything I said in the preface. (I’ll leave it there to remind me of the learning.)

As I always do, I was overthinking the whole thing. About my writing. I first imagined how big it will get, how many readers it will attract, and how eventually I will turn it into a business that I am trying to build.

That put an extra burden and expectation on my shoulder, and that’s why I’ve been putting off publishing the second post.

I thought hard about the direction and the name of the blog, how I didn’t want to be another “self-help” blog, and how exactly this is turning into a “self-help” blog.

I just needed to get started, shut off all the inner voices, and write to publish something.

Scratch the once-a-week cadence. I will do it everyday. Please hold me accountable.

Scratch the character development and hoping to build a community around people who are fucked up. I will just write for myself about anything that I observe and learn throughout the day.

Whatever you are putting off for various reasons, just for things to get perfect, just for you to get more experienced and ready for, just get started. Today. Just put whatever you have available to work, and see what happens.

That’s exactly what I am doing now. Wish me luck!

Written on August 13, 2019