Feedback as a blessing.

Lately, I’ve had some interesting experiences with feedback, learning about being on the delivering end and then on the receiving end.

Most people have very hard times taking feedback.

It’s justifable as feedback attacks your self-consciousness and it feels as you are being denied as a person in cases the subject of the feedback is strongly tied to our identity.

However, feedback really is a blessing. How else will you become a better version of yourself?

It still hurts to hear I’m not good enough yet (still developing my guts), but whenever I get sincere, constructive feedback from others, I am eternally grateful as it is an indicator that they care.

The person delivering the feedback is giving me the agency to be better, saying “You are better than that.”

And often times, they are right. We all can do better and be better in many aspects of our lives.

Obviously, don’t take mis-directed, unconstructive, and sometimes even mal-intentioned feedback to your heart and beat yourself over it. There really are some nasty people in the world if you look hard enough.

Also know that it’s a matter of how you deliver the feedback, if you will ever be on the delivering end (you should!). Care for the receiver’s feelings, and really wish that person the best. Things can’t go too wrong if you really base everything you do on the genuine wish for another person’s well being.

Written on September 14, 2019