Don't judge hastily.

Recent threads (personal and professional experience, outside learnings through reading and listening to podcast) converged to teach me a lesson in patience.

I’m pretty impulsive by nature (a quality that serves me well in sometimes, to be driven and easily excited), and that prompts me to hastily judge others and the situation sometimes.

Just by one interaction, and just by one incident, it is easy to judge someone’s character based on little sample size, especially influenced by our own cognitive biases.

Whenever you catch yourself making quick judgements (positive or negative—self awareness is key in catching this), hold it just for a while, and give the situation, the other person a little more time.

Trust takes time to build, but it won’t be built unless you give it a chance.

There are so many moments you are pleasantly surprised by and caught off guards by giving judgements more time to be formed.

Written on October 19, 2019