I’ve been putting off this blog for a very long time.

There are multiple reasons, but the biggest is my fear of others’ judgements and that I myself won’t be satisfied with the quality of my work.

But I realized that my work will never improve unless I put myself out there. So here we go.

The goal of this blog is to share my story of personal struggles involving multiple character failures, and how I am striving everyday to build a better character for myself, so that I am no longer ashamed of myself and become a happy, proud man taking this character with me to make a dent in the world.

It is hard work and the work never ends, but I’ve found tremendous value, meaning, and happiness striving to do so in the past year, despite the continuous struggles to live up to my own aspirations.

My hope is that my writings will resonate with somebody out there experiencing similar struggles and battles in their lives.

Jerry Colonna said beautifully during his conversation with Tim Ferriss that “You are not alone. And just because you feel like shit doesn’t mean you are shit. This too shall pass.”

I cannot commit to believing the last sentence as there is so much suffering in the world outside of our control. However, our internal reaction to this suffering, this we can control, and this too shall pass.

And I strongly believe in the rest.

You are not the only one going through the struggles, and that’s why I hope to share my story to let people know that there is at least one more person who is fucked up but still trying. Or maybe, just maybe something miraculous happens and I will be able to connect and have a positive impact on many more people, so that we can all help each other and heal from one another’s presence.

Just because you feel like shit doesn’t mean you are shit. We all fall short of our aspirations as we are humans. That doesn’t mean you are a failure as long as you learn from the mistakes and keep showing up. Kindly forgive yourself, and keep showing up.

I intend and hope to keep one-a-week cadence for now. Thank you for reading and joining in on my path. I hope yours is filled with love, courage, and resilience.

Written on August 12, 2019